Happytastical Ipporo

Sunday, June 12, 2011 3:54 PM
Forgotten things are very blue

I posted a picture of her on DA some while back but...I guess these are all her previous sketches. My first ever mermaid/pirate character :3 She was originally designed for a Fire Emblem RP but in the end it never went through. I sort of revamped her for LunaticChaos's part3 RP to run about on a 4th continent. 

Anguna on left, May again on right. Anguna is LC's character in part3, some dragon quarterling. Since nobody really draws in the RP, I sort of make do with their random profile images and try to dick around with the design more.

Kuja from part 3, I still haven't written up a profile for him so he's actually not active yet @_@ *is so very very lazy*

...I will not explain this.


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