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Monday, October 25, 2010 11:33 AM
Random dump

Reading week started and the books I bought back in Tuesday at the Labyrinth is causing me much happiness. Especially the two on the bottom left. They actually make me want to draw uber backgrounds and paint with gouache when I hate both. I'll see how the week goes, and hopefully it's not just all starcraft2 haha...ha;;

Anyway, mrh I wanted to upload once a day but my laziness isn't really helping things. I should really consider asking about the scanners or something in the res building (I think they have a scanner...I think D8) since I don't really want to walk over the the animation labs for that alone orz

Strangers are strangers ;A; They kind of make me shift uncomfortably in my seat every time they pass by.

Some belated pchat doodles I did in the earlier parts of the semester. Character on the right is a terribly mauled version of Vietking's character (sorry T___T) whereas the one on the left is my crappily doodled OC. I'll prolly blow them up on photoshop and work on them better someday but so far I've been pretty lazy ]D

Another Digital Tools procrastination doodle 8D It underwent a lot of outfit changes and it probably will continue to do so but at the moment it's gonna be based off of the feather wedding dresses designed by Alexander Mcqueen (Anyone who watched the previous seasons of project runway should have an idea what this is all about ]D). I swear to god I love Odile more than Odette ;__; Even on the ballet production Odile is just far more interesting a character than the flouncy swan princess.  

I'll try post tomorrow lalalalelaelalelaela


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