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Tuesday, October 26, 2010 5:38 PM
Posting Posting~
More pchat doodling of recent. I kind of liked how it was going but didn't really have the will the continue;; again this will prolly be part of the "maybe I'll blow it up to print size and rework on photoshop" pile of images. Until then this will be all that it will be. For anyone who knows my DA page this is indeed my succubi character. She has a bit of a back story but I won't go into it much. Watching Panty Stocking with Garter Belt made me want to draw those items of clothing but again...I lost the will to draw :'D

Painted with gouache a bit today but I didn't like the outcome once I over worked it ]D I guess I'll try a bit more during this week and see if I improve at all. Maybe I'll try doing some by reference this time hahaha;;; *shot* Should really decide on a character for Enzo's class too. Hurrrr.

Either way today's post is complete fufufu


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